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I am Shelby Adair, an LA-based cinematographer on feature films, tv shows, documentaries, and music videos.

I have also worked as a camera operator and assistant camera on television shows like CBS's Case Files Miami and 50 Cent's Hip Hop Homicides. 

Whatever you need, I'm your camera(wo)man.


My Story

As a proud graduate of USC's Film and TV Production MFA program, my filmmaking journey flourished in a competitive yet collaborative environment. My work as a Director of Photography and a Producer has explored feature films, documentaries, music videos, and live events. I thrive on diverse projects, drawing inspiration from each unique storytelling opportunity.

Industry Experience: 

As a Director of Photography, I worked with Meta Platforms, Inc., leading beta-testing for HoloLens with groundbreaking Augmented Reality (AR) Video Production in the Metaverse. With HoloLens, I trained computers in artificial intelligence (AI) by exposing them to diverse activities performed by various actors, which enables the HoloLens to identify actions in real-time better. Cinematically, I delved into diverse genres on three features: an exciting aviation-sports documentary about the last Reno Air Races, "The Valley of Speed" (2024), the quirky romantic comedy, "Directors Commentary" (2024), and the chilling thriller-horror, "The Vindicator" (2024). I am also an associate producer on "Collab," a TV show hosted by hip-hop legends Doug E. Fresh and Duane DaRock Ramos.

My camera experience extends to camera operating and assistant-camera roles on various TV shows, including CBS "Case Files Miami," "Hip Hop Homicides," "Basketball Wives," "Real Murders of Los Angeles," "Real Murders of Orange County," and "Real Murders of Atlanta." I contributed to Snapchat's Original Content team by engaging in script and scheduling meetings, operating cameras for in-house shows, and assisting the post-production team before joining Disney's Sydney to the Max in 2019.

Notable Achievements: 

A short film I directed screened at the Cannes Film Festival in 2018, marking a milestone in my career. I interned for Sony at the NAB Show in Las Vegas that same year, gaining insights into cutting-edge technology. I shadowed cinematographer Gregg Heschong, ASC, for the final season of Fuller House on the Warner Brothers lot, adding layers to my understanding of the studio-level television production process.

Accolades and Recognition: 

I am a proud recipient of the Sun Cinematography Award, backed by the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC), which recognizes rising female cinematographers. Additionally, the Caucus Foundation awarded me and my team the "Outstanding Student Program Television/New Media Award" as directors of USC's Straight to Series show, Coventry.

Academic and Athletic Prowess: 

Before pursuing my MFA, I earned a B.A. in Film and Media Studies at USC and competed for four years on the USC Women's Rowing Team. Collegiate rowing profoundly influenced my cinematography philosophy, emphasizing collaboration, trust, and synchronization. I believe in the power of teamwork and shared vision—essential values in both filmmaking and rowing. I stay connected to the rowing world through coaching and competing in USC Alumnae boats.



Please reach out with any questions, proof of concepts, and ideas. Let's work together to create something we're both proud of. Let's get to work!

Inquiries welcome!

Thank you!

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